Q: Well hey, I hate to intrude on your personal life lord knows I hate when people do it to me, but isn't there someone close to you that you could talk about this with?

everyone thinks im better.

i hate putting my bullshit on other people

idk ill get over it

thanks though, i do appreciate these messages.

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Q: What's gettn so bad darlin?

me i guess…just so fucking sad all the time

i havent been to school in a week and everyone thinks im sick but i just cant get out of bed. I keep losing my shit on everyone and i cant stop crying and i dont want to get a job or move out or be an adult with responsibilities and shit.

i have no money and no ambition.

im just sad and pathetic and i want to sleep forever.

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it’s getting bad again.

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I just wanna make you cum, make you breakfast, and make you happy.

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The fact that I’m legally an adult is hysterical

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You have
galaxies inside your head.
Stop letting people
tell you
you cannot shine. "For all those self doubters, take note" - e.m.f.p (via cudah)

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